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The 7 Characteristics of a Digitally Competent Teacher


So, you think you’re a digitally competent teacher? Or maybe not so much… Either way—check out this fun graphic depicting some characteristics that digitally competent teachers possess. My guess is that if you mess around with a smart phone, shop online or use any type of social media whatsoever, you’re probably more of an ed-techie […]

You Want to Know About Copyright in Education?


As I’ve mentioned before—it is not only important for educators to encourage students to push the technological envelope, but it’s equally essential that we teach them to navigate the digital world in a responsible manner. But in order to do so, we must first become familiar with copyright rules and fair use guidelines ourselves—a task […]

Should I Post This Image?


Today’s students are no doubt immersed in a variety of technologies from a young age. They’re wired, digitized and quite frankly, their skills and knowledge never cease to amaze me. They have no fear so they experiment, think and innovate in ways that have no limits—which from an educational point of view is just awesome! […]

The Rising Power of MOOCs Infographic


Have you heard that it’s possible for anyone to learn at Harvard? Yep, it’s true! And Duke, Yale and MIT, too! That’s right! With the arrival of MOOCs—Massive Open Online Courses—onto the educational scene, the opportunity to learn from some of the best academic institutions in the country is now available—for free—to anyone who may […]

Diigo Weekly Update


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest “Cool Tools” and/or web resources that can be integrated into your lessons and activities! » Kids Wordsmyth An illustrated and interactive visual dictionary for promoting literacy, especially with K-3 learners. » Cyber Street An educational site […]

11 Signs That Technology is an Important Part of Education


So, what do you get when you combine three very cool visuals? Eleven signs that technology is playing an increasingly important role in education—both in and outside of the classroom. From videos to podcasts to mobile devices, learning has definitely gone digital. Check out the facts and figures highlighted in the infographics below regarding the […]

The Geeky Girl’s Greatest Hits Volume XI: January 2014


It’s that time again! Yep—get ready to tech it up with the most recent Geeky Girl’s Greatest Hits List containing a variety of surefire cool tools to take learning to a new level in your classroom! Tips for becoming an edtech rock star, digital citizenship resources, infographics, brand-new Diigo bookmarks and integration ideas live within […]

Infographic of the Week: A Digital Citizenship Guide for Teachers & Students


Information literacy, appropriate use, etiquette, responsibility, privacy, respect… What do these items have in common? Well, did you know that they are all components of digital citizenship? It’s true! These concepts– and many more—are part of the online code of ethics students need to be made aware of in order to develop and maintain a […]

#Hashtag Thinglink: Quickly Discover & Categorize Interactive Images


Media-rich tags consisting of video, audio, links, images—and now introducing another #spec-tech-ular feature from Thinglink, one of my all-time favorite web tools… Yep, you guessed it—hashtags! For those of you who might be new to this concept, hashtags are keywords preceded by the hash symbol (#) and used to search, locate and/or categorize content on […]

Another Reason to HEART Digital Storytelling!


Well, my sixth grade Tech Club kids have been at it again! This time to promote the middle school Student Assistance Program known as the HEART (Helping Educate At-Risk Teens) Team. That’s right! When some teachers approached us to create a video promoting our student assistance program, of course, these digital wizards once again rose […]

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