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The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #7


What’s behind Tech Treasure #7? How ’bout Santa’s Sleigh, a fun and challenging game that puts your logic to the test. The object is to make sure each Santa has one sleigh and each sleigh belongs to one Santa only. Click here to access this wacky holiday activity—plus six others—within The Twelve Digital Days of Christmas Thinglink image. Classroom Connection: Use […]

The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #6


Need a fun Christmas challenge? Then check out the Geeky Girl’s Tech Treasure #4—The Christmas Tree Maze—to play a cool game. The goal is to light up the star at the top of the Christmas tree, but it’s not as simple as it sounds! To complete this task, you must drag the bar of lights […]

The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #5


Time to uncover Tech Treasure #5—the Christmas Memory, a basic concentration game with a twist. If your mind isn’t fast enough, the rows move! The activity has various levels, ranging form easy to difficult. If you’re ready for the challenge, then hover over The Twelve Digital Days of Christmas Thinglink interactive image shown below to […]

The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #4


What do you get when you combine Christmas with some geography and technology? No, you’re not going to get the punchline to another corny holiday joke! Instead it’s Santa Claus’s Trip, a game that shows the route Santa will take to deliver toys around the world. The challenge for students is they have to touch the […]

The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #3


It’s the third day of digital treasures, and with that comes a new activity to add to the holiday goodness. Check out the Holiday Logic Game, one that tests logic and speed as you try to pop all of the Christmas decorations at once! Just hover over The Twelve Digital Days of Christmas Thinglink interactive image shown below to […]

The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #2


Another day, another fun Christmas-themed resource awaits you behind Tech Treasure #2. This time it’s one of the most visited sites from last year’s holiday tech adventure. Check out Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special—a fun activity that is sure to make you think! The object of the game is to draw lines with your mouse […]

The 12 Digital Days of Christmas 2016: Tech Treasure #1


Get ready to “Tech the Halls” with my 5th annual 12 Digital Days of Christmas, a collection of digital treasures featuring Thinglink and a dozen fun and festive resources that are sure to spread some holiday cheer in your classroom. So, starting today and continuing for eleven additional days, this Geeky Girl will share one Christmas […]

Tech Up Your Classroom: Thanksgiving Style


Whether you’re looking for some neat themed lesson plans and activities to incorporate into your classroom to celebrate Thanksgiving, or maybe you’re just in search of some tech-based Thanksgiving games to keep your students engaged before the upcoming vacation… Either way, Edutech for Teachers has got you covered! Hover over the interactive image to find tons […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out some really useful resources that can be utilized to incorporate technology into your classroom! » A Worldly Mind Love Geography? Then check out this comprehensive iOS and Android app for learning facts about 238 countries/territories from around the world! » 5 Dice An iOS math app that […]

Gamify Your Classroom with Pacman


OK, so who doesn’t love the old school Pacman game? And what teacher doesn’t enjoy creating fun learning experiences for their students? Well, educators can experience both by gamifying the classroom with you guessed it—Pacman, one of the many edtech resources available on the web site. Yep, it’s very true—and very cool! In just […]

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