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Tech Up Your Classroom: Thanksgiving Style


Whether you’re looking for some neat themed lesson plans and activities to incorporate into your classroom to celebrate Thanksgiving, or maybe you’re just in search of some tech-based Thanksgiving games to keep your students engaged before the upcoming vacation… Either way, Edutech for Teachers has got you covered! Hover over the interactive image to find tons […]

Gamify Your Classroom with Pacman


OK, so who doesn’t love the old school Pacman game? And what teacher doesn’t enjoy creating fun learning experiences for their students? Well, educators can experience both by gamifying the classroom with you guessed it—Pacman, one of the many edtech resources available on the web site. Yep, it’s very true—and very cool! In just […]

Trick or Tweet: Spook-tacular Halloween Resources for the Classroom


Looking for some fun activities to celebrate Halloween in your classroom? Then look no further! Listed below are some really spook-tacular collections of educational Halloween resources that are sure to creep out your students—in a good way, of course! Whether it’s writing prompts, science experiments, Halloween candy math, Edgar Allan Poe videos or haunted vocabulary, […]

Teaching the Presidential Election: A Collection of Classroom Resources


As the candidates crisscross the country in a quest for votes that will determine who will become the 45th President of the United States, educators also have an awesome opportunity: To teach students about the American political process as well as the roles and responsibilities of U.S. citizens. For many reasons, this election has been unlike any […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Four really cool and useful resources that the math gurus can use to gamify their classrooms! Be sure to add these gems to your edtech toolbox. Check ’em out below! » Play math, love math with this Flash-based platform containing games, tutorials and quizzes, all aligned […]

15 Things Every Teacher Should Try This School Year


OK, by now it’s probably pretty safe to say that the bulletin boards are hung, the lessons plans are rolling and Open House is crossed off the list for another year. So take a deep breath and give yourself a high five… I’m sure you’re new school year if off to an awesome start! But […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest web tools and resources that can be utilized to incorporate technology into your classroom! » A Google a Day An online game from Google which involves a player solving a lateral thinking puzzle by […]

Scale Your Images with Ease!


Recently, I was attempting to load an image to a web site, but the file was way too large so I received an error message. Of course, I then accessed one of my go-to tools for getting the job done: Scale Your Image. I have previously written about this awesome resource, but I thought I should […]

Monitor Classroom Noise Level with Bouncy Balls


OK, so what teacher doesn’t need a new classroom management gimmick every now and then? Well, when the need arises, look no further than Bouncy Balls, a free online web site that activates the user’s microphone and detects noise level. The more noise in the classroom, the more the balls bounce. An example of what Bouncy […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest web tools that can be added to your edtech toolbox for the upcoming school year! » Permission Click Create permission slips using an existing process or from a template in the easy form builder. […]

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