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Love Me Some Valentine’s Day Magnetic Poetry


All you need is love… And a copy of my Valentine’s Day Magnetic Poetry activity! So, here it is: Another Google Slides activity containing 60+ words and phrases that can be manipulated into a fun-filled holiday poem, story, etc. As with my other creations, the word boxes are actually images and cannot be edited; however, they […]

Spark Creative Writing with the Plot Generator


Are your students going to write short story, film script or novel in the near future? Then send them to the Plot Generator for some inspiration! This free web tool features generators for various kinds of writing projects in a wide range of genres including fantasy, mystery, romance, teen vampire and science fiction to name […]

Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides


Magnetic Poetry kits have been around for about 25 years, providing individuals with the inspiration to create poems on refrigerators everywhere! In fact, the informality and spontaneity of Magnetic Poetry has endeared it to educators since its inception, especially for students experiencing writer’s block. Ironically that was the impetus behind the invention of this concept in […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Two super cool Christmas sites that can be used to teach and learn about the upcoming holiday. Check ’em out below! » The History Channel A fabulous website full of information pertaining to Christmas. Topics include Christmas Facts, World Traditions, the Christmas Truce of 1914, Christmas Tree Trivia […]

Tech It Up with Thanksgiving Magnetic Poetry


Back by popular demand… It’s Thanksgiving Magnetic Poetry, a Google Slides activity containing about 80 words that can be creatively manipulated into a holiday themed poem, story, etc. Check it out below! Click here to make your very own copy of the template. Then have at it! FYI: The word boxes are actually images and cannot […]

Trick or Tweet: Spook-tacular Halloween Resources for the Classroom


Looking for some fun activities to celebrate Halloween in your classroom? Then look no further! Listed below are some really spook-tacular collections of educational Halloween resources that are sure to creep out your students—in a good way, of course! Whether it’s writing prompts, science experiments, Halloween candy math, Edgar Allan Poe videos or haunted vocabulary, […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest web tools and resources that can be utilized to incorporate technology into your classroom! » Story Wars An interactive and collaborative app that makes student writing fun! The process of taking turns writing the story […]

Get Your Spooky on with Halloween Magnetic Poetry


Back by popular demand… It’s Edutech for Teachers’ version of Halloween Magnetic Poetry, a Google Drawings activity containing nearly 100 words, or “magnets”, that can be rearranged to compose all types of writing samples. So, if you’re ready to combine a little bit of holiday fun with Google Apps, then be sure to check out […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for seven really cool and useful apps that students can utilize to demonstrate knowledge and creativity in your classroom and/or to learn math, science, geography, music and more! » Virtuoso Piano Free 3 Teach basic keyboard skills using this iOS app. Additional instruments can be […]

Spring Magnetic Poetry


Looking for a fun, yet useful spring-time activity to utilize in your classroom? Then all you gotta do is snag a copy of my Spring Magnetic Poetry activity! Yep, a brand-new Google Slides activity containing 75+ words and phrases that can be manipulated into a fun-filled poem, story, etc. is ready to roll for you and your […]

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