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Looking for some fresh ideas for utilizing your interactive whiteboard in the classroom? Then be sure to check out the Interactive Whiteboard Workbook listed below created by Simple K12. Even if you do not have an IWB in your classroom, many of the ideas suggested can still be utilized by projecting the resources from your computer to a TV and/or screen.

Not only does the workbook provide 24 real-life examples of how teachers have successfully integrated the IWB into classroom activities across the curriculum, but it also lists ten free web tools that can be used to create more engaging 21st Century lessons for your students.

For example, one really neat resource mentioned is a grouping animals activity for elementary education. Once you arrive on this page, you will notice that in addition to this activity, there are a variety of others that can be used in the science classroom as well. Plus, if you check out the info listed under the tabs located at the top of the page (i.e. Early Years, Key Stage 1, etc.), you will find additional resources for other content areas such as literacy, numeracy, history, geography and Spanish to name a few. Many of the suggested sites—Crickweb—are set up in this manner, so be sure to explore each link to find activities that best suit your curriculum and grade level.

You can access the Interactive Whiteboard Workbook using the link provided below—or you can register with Simple K12 to obtain your own personal copy of this digital booklet. (A link is provided in the Interactive Whiteboard workbook.) By doing so, you will also begin to receive daily email updates from this ed tech organization. These messages include valuable technology integration tips and resources as well as free webinars on a variety of topics. I highly recommend becoming a member of this community!

Interactive Whiteboard Workbook

But wait… There’s more! Here are a few of my favorite web resources containing cool interactive whiteboard activities. Be sure to check them out!

» Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities

» PBS Kids Whiteboard Resources

» PBS Interactive Whiteboard Games

» Learning Today Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

» Topmarks Interactive Whiteboard Resources

» Hooda Math

» Bright Hub Education: Creating Interactive Whiteboard Games

» Jeopardy Labs

» BrainPOP

» The Whiteboard Blog

Classroom Connection:

Utilize the interactive whiteboard resources to create more engaging and hands-on lessons for your students. These activities can also be used to enhance the 21st Century classroom experience.

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  1. July 4th, 2012 at 9:34 am       edutech4teachers Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I’ll definitely pass your site along as well!


  1. Interactive WhiteBoard interactivity! « green bean kindergarten

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