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Infographic of the Week: How to Use Twitter in 60 Seconds


Over the last week or so I’ve fielded a number of questions about Twitter such as What are hashtags? and How do I embed an image into my tweet? So when I came across this awesome How to Twitter in 60 Seconds infographic, I knew just what I had to do: Add it to my ever-growing Infographic of the Week series.

Check out this quick tutorial to master the basics of using this social media tool—one that can become a great asset for teaching and learning.

Be sure to use the embedded tools to zero in on the details.

Thanks to Med Kharbach, author of the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning web site for sharing this awesome infographic!

Classroom Connection:

I personally use Twitter to share info—blog updates, articles and other edtech finds—with my colleagues (a.k.a. followers)—individuals I consider to be an important part of my professional learning network. Most importantly, this tool has become my most reliable source for becoming informed about the latest and greatest news, tech tools and trending topics—especially through the use of hash-tags that make it easy for people sharing the same interests to connect and collaborate. For me, access to an instantaneous network using Twitter is invaluable!

But aside from the personal benefits teachers can experience from using Twitter, this tool can also be a great classroom resource. For example, they can tweet interesting educational links for their students to read, develop scavenger hunts incorporating Google Earth or Google Maps and create an online book club. This social media tool can also be used as a way to remind students about the happenings in class—tests, quizzes, assignments, homework and upcoming events or to extend a discussion beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Or how about having students create a Twitter account using a historical figure or book character’s name so they can communicate with one another using factual information as well as language of the time period. What a fun, interactive way to share and learn new knowledge!

Yep, there a tons of neat ways this social media tool can be used for educational purposes. Your creativity is the limit!

For additional info about utilizing Twitter in the classroom, check out the Educational Twitter Section on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

By the way, infographics can make really neat classroom posters too! Use the Block Posters web tool to create your very own!

Infographic of the Week is a series designed to promote the use of infographics and visual literacy in the classroom/education.

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2 Comments to

“Infographic of the Week: How to Use Twitter in 60 Seconds”

  1. February 11th, 2013 at 9:37 pm       Manel Mora Says:

    First of all, thanks for your posts! I just discovered this blog and I couldn’t avoid to add it to My favorites as I found the sources mentioned really interesting.
    I use Twitter in my everyday life, for personal purposes, mainly reading the news. I never thought how this app in my smartphone could become a very engaging tool in my lessons till now.

    Encourage students to create accounts using relevant figures’ names around a specific event (as the Civil War in Spain), would help them to understand how these events occured and the role every character took in them. They could interact with each other and recreate the conversations that the figures could have had if they had twitter at that time.

    This is definitely an idea I will apply to my lessons. Thanks again for your posts!


  2. February 17th, 2013 at 9:43 am       edutech4teachers Says:

    Hi Manel! I’m glad you found my blog and will use it in the future. I think it’s really cool that you are going to use Twitter in your lessons. I’m sure your students will love it! Please don’t hesitate to share your classroom ideas. Jamie


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