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Guest Post: Top 5 Free iPad Apps to Use in the Classroom


Making use of free iPad apps in the classroom can enable you to diversify your teaching, while providing the opportunity to inspire and get students more engaged in lessons. There  are many different educational apps available, which range from apps like Evernote that allow you to organize your teaching materials, through to interactive whiteboards from Educreations, and Screen Chomp, a screen recording app that can be very useful for teaching lessons on the go. What, then, are some of the best iPads that can be used in the classroom, whether you have multiple tablets, or just one as a teaching tool for different groups?

1. Evernote

One of the best general organization apps around, Evernote can also be employed as a teaching resource; the app enables you to sync up multiple messages and notes across all the device that you use; photographs, documents, or useful web pages, as well as many other notes, can be put together and tagged, providing a way of ensuring that you don’t lose track of good teaching ideas and other resources that you may have come across, and don’t want to forget.

2. MyScratchWork

This app is particularly useful for classroom situations where students are provided with tablets. It represents an app whereby a tablet screen is divided between a web browser and lined note paper. Students can take down notes, and can build up comparisons based on their work. Depending on the age level of students, this can be an excellent way to produce real-time notes when in the classroom or at home.

3. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Using a virtual whiteboard, Educreations’ app provides a way for you to produce an individualized lesson for students in one to one and group discussions. You can put together a visual accompaniment to your teaching on the go, while also saving lesson plans and making them available to students; the app uses handwriting technology and libraries of photos and other images for building up effective outlines.

4. Edmodo

Another content sharing app, Edmodo is useful for when you need to sync up students’ in class iPads or computers and their home studying. A single interface is used to upload work plans, as well as homework assignments and grades; doing so can ensure that students working on the app via iPads in the classroom can then continue their studies when they return home.

5. Screen Chomp

Another whiteboard based app, Screen Chomp offers a way to record and narrate your lessons into an animated form, which can then be played online and shared with other teachers. Produced by TechSmith, Screen Chomp offers teachers the ability to produce easily shareable content that students can use when they’re not in the classroom, and is flexible enough to be updated and re-uploaded whenever you need to make edits.

Albert Roberts is an experienced teacher who likes to blog about his methods and favorite teaching activities. He believes that more people should sign up for primary teacher jobs in London.  Albert has been using apps and tablets in his classroom for some time, and particularly recommends using interactive whiteboards for encouraging student engagement.

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