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Kendama & iMovie: A Killer Combo!


Don’t let the title scare you—there’s really no death or destruction involved!

Instead it’s just my Tech Club kids working their digital magic to demonstrate student generated digital storytelling at its best!

Yep! My fifth and sixth graders joined forces to create a very cool video about one of the latest crazes to hit our school: Kendama! Combine that and the iMovie app, and what do you have? A killer video—one created solely by 10-11 year olds!

That’s right! This group students did it all—wrote the script, recorded and edited the video clips, selected themes and transitions, added text, music and credits and even sharing it on our morning announcements new program—without anything from me, except lot of encouragement!

Check out their latest stroke of genuis—or at least we think so!

Is that a masterpiece or what?

Classroom Connection:

I have previously mentioned the educational value of providing students with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge through¬†digital¬†storytelling, but I’ll say it again…

Not only can teachers create digital stories to introduce, teach and/or review concepts, but this strategy can be used for a variety of project-based assessments. More importantly, students have the chance to imagine, plan, design, compose and invent—skills all crucial to 21st Century learning!

The¬†possibilities associated with digital storytelling are truly endless as are the web tools and apps available for use. So, what are you waiting for! Assign a topic, and turn your students loose. I guarantee that you will be amazed with the end product as well as the collaboration and authentic learning that takes place in your classroom—regardless of the content area or age level!

And the best part? Witnessing the pride the students have when sharing a really neat finished project they can truly call their own.

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“Kendama & iMovie: A Killer Combo!”


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