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Tech It Up Tuesday: The Teleport 360 Editor App


It’s Tuesday again and that means it’s time to roll out another tech-isode in my “Tech It Up Tuesday” series in which I share an edtech tool, app, site or other resource that can be utilized in the educational setting.

This week’s geeky goodness goes something like this… It seems as though almost daily there’s a new app released on the edtech scene… Here’s one of the latest and greatest—a resource you should definitely add to your teacher techbox.

Introducing the Teleport 360 Editor… Brought to you by the makers of ThingLink, this app combines all of your favorite features from the ThingLink desktop 360° photo editor with an easy to use tablet experience. By using the app, both teachers and students can upload and tag their own 360° images or access hundreds of pre-loaded 360° photographs to create all kinds of super cool interactive learning experiences. Whether its virtual lessons, maps or tours, everyone in the classroom will be more than engaged with curricular content and knowledge.

Here’s how it works…

» Upload an image or choose one from the existing library containing professional quality images on topics that include U.S. cities, landmarks, ecosystems, weather patterns and more!

» Begin to build the virtual experience by adding annotations and content such as images, video and audio.

» Transitions to other 360° scenes can be included as well. This feature allows users to connect multiple photos together to tell a story via a virtual tour.

» Share your dynamic, information-rich masterpieces with others.

Check out a few really neat examples of interactive 360° images shown below. The first one, focusing on the Coral Reef Ecosystem, was created by ThingLink Director of Education, Susan Oxnevad. This fan favorite is aligned to NGSS standards, uses a Google Doc to collect data, and it is focused on vocabulary.

The next example, also created by Susan Oxnevad, highlights the Vanuatu Rainforest.

And because I’m a huge Breakout EDU groupie, one of my personal favorites is this example that comes in the form of a digital breakout game. This gem was created by ThingLink rockstar Dan Gallagher.

Note: The iOS app is a freebie; however, a premium subscription to ThingLink is required to use it. And for the Android users—an app is coming your way in the very near future so be sure to stay tuned!

Classroom Connection:

Not every school can afford to purchase virtual reality headsets, but with the Teleport 360 Editor app, they don’t have to! This tool provides cost-effective ways for educators to develop customized VR field trips for the classroom. With the capability of adding a variety of media-rich tags to each image, teachers can generate engaging discovery and learning experiences for their students. And what’s even better—students can become content creators by generating their own projects to share with classmates. What a great way to promote creativity, communication and critical thinking skills!

Stay in the ThingLink know by following news, updates and professional development opportunities on these social media outlets: @ThingLink@ThingLink_EDU and as well as the ThingLink Education blog.

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