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Newspaper Fun with the Fodey Web Tool


Simple… Free… Effective… Three reasons why we’re bringing back a web tool from the edtech archives. And it goes something like this…

Fodey is a neat Web 2.0 tool that allows users to generate their own authentic newspaper clipping (that can double as a primary source document). Simply enter the name of a fictitious newspaper, date, headline and story… Fodey does the rest!

Besides being super easy to use, Fodey requires no log-in or registration.

Check out the sample shown below—one from a middle school Language Arts class. After reading Chapter 6 from the Hatchet novel, students used the newspaper clipping template to share their chapter summaries with classmates.

Tech Tip:

Fodey does not have a text editor or a saving function; therefore, it is best to have students compose their stories in a word processing program/app first. Once a final draft is complete, they can copy and paste the info into the web tool. When the user is ready to produce the clipping, they click on the “Generate” button followed by the “Download your Image” link to save the file.  Finished products can be printed and/or used in conjunction with other Web 2.0 tools or projects.

In addition to the newspaper article generator, Fodey also provides other fun templates students can use to present information for a specific audience. A few of these include talking tomatoes, wizard animated text and a movie clapper board (see example below).

Classroom Connection:

Fodey is a low-tech interactive resource that can be integrated into any classroom. From historical events to memes to accounts of a class celebration or field trip, this tool is a simple yet effective solution for engaging students in writing activities across the curriculum. The Fodey templates could also be used as an alternate way of providing students with directions for an assignment or project. Finished products create some pretty swanky bulletin board swag too!

Bottom Line: 

Fodey is an excellent communication tool that will interject some fun into classroom activities.

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“Newspaper Fun with the Fodey Web Tool”

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