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Teachers Love Technology Infographic


Now more than ever teachers are embracing technology and finding new and innovative ways to integrate devices, apps and tools into the classroom. In fact, many educators claim technology is a catalyst for more effective teaching and learning. Did you know that 75% of teachers surveyed state that technology reinforces and expands content, motivates students […]

Diigo Weekly Update


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest “Cool Tools” and/or web resources that can be integrated into your lessons and activities! » AudioPal Use text-to-speech, a mic or upload an mp3 to create an audio message for web sites, blogs and/or social […]

BAMS Students Help to ‘Mend Hearts’


It’s been an ongoing, but productive project since last month, and so far, the kids in Bellwood-Antis (B-A) Middle School Tech Club are making a difference. Twenty-two sixth through eighth graders have taken on the task of using their skills to help non-profit Mending Hearts Animal Rescue, based in rural Hollidaysburg, and its inhabitants. “Initially, […]

From the Flintstones to the Jetsons: Creating a Blended 21st C. Classroom


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube—and the list goes on and on and on… Did you ever wonder what in the world people ever did without all of these social media sites in their lives? If you’re one of these individuals, then be sure to check out the graphic shown below, which explains the “old school” […]

Infographic of the Week: 20+ Ways to Encourage Digital Citizenship


As our students grow up amid a constant stream of technology, digital citizenship continues to emerge as a topic of major importance. Teaching concepts such as online privacy and creating a positive digital footprint through the demonstration of responsible online behaviors has become essential. That said, start your year off on the right (digital) foot […]

A Facebook Fiesta!


Ocho mil coming to you directly from Cozumel, Mexico! I can’t think of a better place to reach another milestone! That’s right—8,000—which represents the number of Facebook fans that are now following Edutech for Teachers! Thank you so much for continuing to visit my blog and corresponding Facebook page! I hope you are finding tons […]

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Diigo Weekly Update


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest “Cool Tools” and/or web resources that can be integrated into your classroom! » The World of Miamiopia A cross-curricular virtual world containing over 500 educational games for kids. » Status Cloud An online service that allows […]

Some Twitter Truth


So, I saw this cartoon on the You Can’t Scare Me, I’m a Teacher Facebook page this morning and literally laughed out loud. And then there was the accompanying caption: I wish standards were 140 characters or less. How ’bout it! Aside from the humor and sarcasm, there is some truth to what is being depicted. […]

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Hashtag Humor


So, I saw this cartoon on the Teaching Ideas Facebook page this morning and I cracked up. For one, it’s just funny—and of course, oh, so true. I mean, let’s face it: Many of the digital natives (students) in our classrooms are just about as clueless about the parts of speech as most of the […]

Infographic of the Week: How to Use Twitter in 60 Seconds


Over the last week or so I’ve fielded a number of questions about Twitter such as What are hashtags? and How do I embed an image into my tweet? So when I came across this awesome How to Twitter in 60 Seconds infographic, I knew just what I had to do: Add it to my ever-growing Infographic […]

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