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Tech in Action: Learning Portals


Learning portals…  A simple yet very effective way to integrate technology into the classroom—one that engages students in learning while teaching them essential “every century” skills! So, what is a learning portal anyway?  In the educational arena, it’s a web site or wikispace that offers students consolidated anytime, anywhere access to information, resources, materials and/or […]

Let’s ZoomIt!


ZoomIt is a nifty zoom and annotation tool that enables users to magnify their desktop with the mouse or the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard.  It’s free, portable, and compatible with all versions of Windows. Once downloaded, ZoomIt runs unobtrusively in the System Tray until it is activated with personalized “hot keys” […]

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Get Busy with


Looking for some neat classroom resources to use with your students? Then be sure to check out – a free flash based website that allows users to create their own quizzes, diagrams, activities and educational games that can be hosted on your own blog, website/wiki or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge! (Unless […]

Gooru: Science & Math Resources


Resource: Gooru is new service whose mission is to provide teachers and students with a variety of multimedia resources – videos, diagrams, interactive displays, documents and quizzes – related to 5th–12th grade science and math topics. By creating a Gooru account, one has access to over 50,000 resources categorized into a variety of subject areas: earth science, […]

Tech Tip of the Week Archives


When I first developed the concept of “Tech Tip of the Week”, I not only sent this information to teachers via an email mailing list, but I also posted these resources to a “Tech Tip of the Week” wiki page located here.  Please feel free to check it out.  Hopefully you will be able to find […]

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Oolone: Visual Search Engine


Resource:  Meet Oolone, a new visual search engine  to enter the Internet scene.  What sets Oolone apart from the more popular search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo – is that it displays its results  solely in the form of images as opposed to text.  That’s right!  Oolone actually generates snapshots  showing users entire web […]

Hey, edu-tech gurus!

Looking for some technology integration ideas to enhance your classroom lessons? Then be sure to check out my "Tech Tips" for the latest and greatest Web 2.0 tools, applications and web sites that can be incorporated into activities and/or projects. Although some posts may not be applicable to your content area or grade level, be sure to check back often as I will be varying ideas in order to provide resources across the K-12 curriculum.

Be sure to add this awesome tool to your tech-box!

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