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Should You Post A Selfie? Infographic


the selfie phenomenon

OK, so who can’t identify with the modern social media craze known as the selfie? Yep, taking self-indulgent pictures has become so popular that the term selfie was even officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary last year.  These types of photos seem harmless enough, right? After all, what’s wrong with sharing a little love of one’s self?

Well, before you (or your students) jump on the latest bandwagon and potentially expose yourself to approximately 2.4 trillion Internet users, think about this: Just because you can snap a selfie, does it mean you should? Check out the infographic shown below for some advice.


Classroom Connection:

Share this flowchart with students to encourage them to think before they snap and click!

A shout-out to for creating and sharing this very useful and relevant infographic!

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Diigo Weekly Update


diigo iconHappy Easter from Edutech for Teachers! Check out the new “Cool Tools” the Easter bunny left in your edtech basket! They’re sure to be a big hit in your classroom so be sure to add them to your bookmarks!

» formatpixel

Create customized online magazines, brochures, catalogs, portfolios and more using this online publishing tool.

» DoYouBuzz

10+ elegant and professional resume templates. In the click of a button, try on the design that best accentuates your personality. Your resume will automatically adapt to the theme. Enrich your resume with videos, images, presentations and documents.


An online whiteboard designed to visually organize ideas and collaborate in a fun and engaging way.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links can be found here.

He has risen… Just as he said He would! Here’s to a most blessed day with family, friends and loved ones. And may we always remember: If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive. ♥

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10 Follow-worthy Education Blogs


edutech for teachers_sand_smallI’m typically not the self-promoting type, especially because I do not write this blog for any other reason than it has become one of my passions of life. However, when this girl gets mentioned in an article with the likes of edtech rock stars Richard Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers), Vicky Davis (Cool Cat Teacher) and Two Guys and Some iPads (Brad Waid and Drew Minock), there is cause for a high five—or two!

So, here’s the background: The other day I came across a tweet regarding 10 blogs every teacher should follow. Since I’m always looking for new and innovative ideas, I immediately clicked on the link. Little did I know that Edutech for Teachers would be on this recommended list! Yeah, really! Check out the article here.

Not only should you add the other nine authors and their blogs to your personal learning network, but I highly suggest subscribing to eSchool News, a daily tech news and innovation publication that is jam packed with the latest and greatest edtech information about how educators are using technology to advance learning.

Many thanks to Contributing Editor Sydney Mineer for the shout out! You really made my day!

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Edu-Fun Friday: An #Unfair Punishment?


just your name would be fineAs Quincy Jones once remarked, “I’ve always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, “Ain’t that the truth.” That said, Edu-fun Friday is a series devoted to adding some humor to the lives of teachers who visit this blog. After all, there’s nothing better than ending the week on a positive note! Plus, do we have the best topics to provide us with some comic relief or what?

I have not yet experienced this type of student response, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of #time!

Does cartoonist Mark Anderson create the best edtech laughs or what?

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The Updated Easter Resources Collection


easter wallpaperWhether you’re in need of some Easter lessons with a spiritual nature or maybe you’re an educator just looking for some seasonal fun. Regardless of your interest—puzzles, scavenger hunts, videos or poetry activities, you’re going to love bringing this holiday into your classroom with this updated collection of Easter Resources:

» Harry Kindergarten: Check out this newly released video entitled “The Bunny Goes Hop”, an Easter pattern song for kids, produced by my colleague, Pete Harry. (For additional educational videos and songs, visit the Harry Kindergarten YouTube channel and/or website.)

» Easter Teaching Resources is a Pinterest board filled with arts and crafts ideas, educational activities, and printables to help you celebrate Easter in the classroom.

The abcteach Easter category page features hundreds of fun, educational activities for classroom or home use, including coloring pages, crafts, board games, readings, puzzles, interactives, and much more!

» Teaching Ideas offers an extensive range of ideas and resources to teach and learn about Easter—poems, stories, puzzles, curricular activities, images, banners, fonts, videos and Easter Egg Hunts.

» Poetry activities, interactive games, scavenger hunts, sequencing cards, puzzles, a variety templates and more await you on TES Connect—the largest teacher network in the world.

» Larry Ferlazzo’s Web Site of the Day is another site packed with online resources for teaching and learning about Easter and Passover. A few that stood out for me include a variety of Easter videos and articles from the History Channel, the Easter Bunny Rap, How Easter Works and Easter by the Numbers—a fun infographic about this holiday.

» Education World contains resources for teaching science, graphing and creative writing that fit perfectly for Easter fun and learning.

Classroom Connection:

Use these themed lesson plans, activities and materials to teach students about Easter and Passover.

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Meet the Monster Trash!


Slide9So in the words of my most favorite middle school Geeky Girl, Simply Aubree:

Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to this screen—even though you’re probably already looking at it! The BAMS Tech Club recently entered a recycling video contest, and we wanted all of you to see the finished product. So, without further ado, please enjoy our video entitled “The Monster Trash”, written and produced by Aubree, Kermit, Alex, Blake, Corey and Quintin with a little help from our friends, Ms. Forshey and Mr. Trexler.

So, is that video just awesome or what? My most favorite parts are those in which these trashy students used stop animation to create various scenes! And yes—doing so was their idea!

I love, love the skills my Geek Squad continues to learn and/or hone as they create these kinds of projects! Can you say rigor, relevant and real-world? Does it really get much better than that? I don’t think so!

Stay tuned for the results of the contest which will be revealed on April 26, Earth Day…

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Diigo Weekly Update


diigo iconWhat’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest “Cool Tools” and/or web resources that can be integrated into your lessons and activities!

» Make It With Code

Sign up for an introductory course to learn programming by developing ten real-world applications.

» Calaméo

Upload all major formats and instantly convert them into interactive digital publications that can be shared via an embed code on any website. It’s free and unlimited!

» Cameroid

Take crazy (or not) snapshots with your webcam and then create fun pictures with cool backgrounds, frames and effects.

» Inpaint

Online photo restoration software that allows users to remove unwanted elements from photos.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links can be found here.

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Teachers Love Technology Infographic


Now more than ever teachers are embracing technology and finding new and innovative ways to integrate devices, apps and tools into the classroom. In fact, many educators claim technology is a catalyst for more effective teaching and learning.

Did you know that 75% of teachers surveyed state that technology reinforces and expands content, motivates students and accommodates multimple learning styles? With stats like that, it’s no wonder teachers love technology! Hopefully you are—or will become—one of them!

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the edtech phenomenon!

teachers love tech infographic


A shout out to for creating and sharing this super cool visual!

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Diigo Weekly Update


diigo iconWhat’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest “Cool Tools” and/or web resources that can be integrated into your lessons and activities!

» Gickr

Instantly create animations online, for free. Just upload pictures or grab them from a Flickr account to create funny flashy slideshows that can be posted anywhere.

» Talentbuddy

A virtual playground for budding programmers! Work through programming challenges to earn points and increase your level. There are over 10 programming languages to choose from, including Python, Javascript, Ruby and more!

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links can be found here.

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Should I Post This Image?


copyright logoToday’s students are no doubt immersed in a variety of technologies from a young age. They’re wired, digitized and quite frankly, their skills and knowledge never cease to amaze me. They have no fear so they experiment, think and innovate in ways that have no limits—which from an educational point of view is just awesome! Tools, apps and devices present students with endless ways of expressing themselves via audio, images, video and multimedia projects.

But as educators, it is not only important to encourage our students to push the technological envelope, but it’s equally essential that we teach them to navigate the digital world in a responsible manner. Unfortunately, students (and people in general) have the tendency to ignore the fact that media is regulated and requires compliance of copyright rules and fair use guidelines. Just like they need to be taught the basics of math and science, students need to learn that just because media is accessible, downloadable and free that this does not necessarily mean it’s acceptable to reuse it in a project of their own—especially without possible restrictions.

That said, the nifty infographic shown below can serve as a great resource for teaching students how to properly cite images and graphics obtained from the Internet.


Thanks to Med Kharbach, author of the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog, for sharing this useful visual!

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