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Make that Paper Slide!


Looking for a powerful yet simple, low-tech way to integrate digital storytelling into your classroom?  Then I’ve got an answer for you: Paper Slide Videos.  Just like the name implies, this technique actually involves the sliding of papers to create a movie.  Yep, without needing much time, effort and/or tech skills, a fabulous video can be produced.  Here’s how:

Students are placed into a group to illustrate visuals on blank paper, write scripts that explain these “slides”, and then videotape the delivery of the script while moving the slides in time with the narration.  No expensive programs, no special effects, no fancy editing—just some paper, a few markers, a well-rehearsed script, and an easy to use video recorder (Flip Cameras are my personal favorites!), and you’ve got a very cool end product!  Still confused?  Then check out the paper slide video a group of my Language Arts students created to demonstrate their ability to write a short story involving the sequencing of random events.  I’m sure you’ll get the idea once you viewed this masterpiece!

Classroom Connection:

I love Paper Slide Videos—and so do my students!  This fun and easy method to create digital stories can be incorporated into any curricular area at any grade level.  And the best part about integrating this type of project?  All students—regardless of academic ability—can participate.  Paper slide videos can be used as an authentic assessment, enrichment activity, an alternative to a traditional book project, and much more…  Your creativity is the limit!

Here are some additional Paper Slide Videos my students (and colleagues) have created:

Math (Used as a Skills Review prior to a Benchmark Exam):

Social Studies (Used as a Lesson Review prior to a quiz):

Multimedia I (Used as a “How-to” Semester Project):

Math (Used to introduce and review a concept):

As you can see, even though Paper Slide Video projects can be simple to do, they can yield some very some very impressive results!

If you’re still in need of additional information and examples, then just Google “Paper Slide Videos”.  You will be amazed at the number of resources you will find!

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“Make that Paper Slide!”

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