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Block Posters: Print Yours Today!


Ever wish you could take a really cool image, infographic and/or flyer and transform it into a classroom poster?  If so, your wish just came true!  That’s right!  With Block Posters, a free web-based tool, educators (and students) can create any size wall posters from images using a standard inkjet or laser printer.

Just upload an image to the Block Posters web site (jpg or gif format only), determine the desired printing preferences (number of pages, paper size and orientation), download the pdf file containing your images, and you’re ready to print and assemble a poster that will rock your classroom!  It’s that simple!  No kidding!

Check out the example I created using the “Blooming Orange” image shown below.

PDF generated using the Block Posters web site.

Blooming Orange Block Poster

This poster could be used to ensure Bloom’s higher-order thinking skills are being applied in your classroom.  (Image obtained from the Learning Today blog.)

Thanks to Richard Byrne, author of the Free Technology for Teachers blog, for sharing this “cool tool”!

Classroom Connection:

Whenever you’re in need of a poster—as an instructional tool/visual aid (map, graph, etc.), to promote school services or events, to create displays of student projects and/or to add some “eye candy” to your classroom—Block Posters is the perfect solution for you!  This tool could also be used to create a giant jigsaw puzzle.  How cool is that?

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“Block Posters: Print Yours Today!”

  1. April 23rd, 2012 at 9:44 am       edutech4teachers Says:

    Thank you for sharing my Block Posters post on your site!
    Jamie =}


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