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Live Binders is a virtual 3-ring notebook for the Internet. This free Web 2.0 tool allows users to collect resources—web sites, images, videos, PDFs and Word documents—and then organize them into tabs and subtabs so they can be viewed like pages in a book instead of URLs on a page.

Live Binders can be easily shared from the Live Binders web site, via desktops and/or shared network folders and/or they can be embedded into wikis or blogs. Adding content to a Live Binder can be done manually by entering the URL of a web page, uploading files from your computer and/or through the use of the Live Binders bookmarklet for Internet Explorer and Firefox (which can be downloaded once an account is created). The Live Binders web site also contains a series of
very helpful video tutorials to help get you started on your “social bookmarking” adventure.

Classroom Connection:  

In addition to using Live Binders for digital portfolios, students can utilize this tool to keep themselves organized as they complete research projects. Then they could actually submit the Live Binder as a final project, which could  include all web research, notes and final written work associated with the overall assignment.

This tool is a great time saver for the computer lab or when using computers in the classroom—especially when multiple resources on the same topic are being utilized throughout a lesson/project. No more delays while students type lengthy URLs! All related content can be updated and stored in a Live Binder for students to easily access from
both school, home and/or any place there is an Internet connection.

Besides being able to develop various collections of kid-safe web sites, teachers can also use Live Binders to create digital “textbooks” and other assignments for students. Check out the examples listed below and/or view additional samples located in the Featured Binders section of the Live Binders web site.  A ton of pre-made resources are awaiting you!

» Interactive Web Sites for Student Engagement
» Interactive Whiteboard Resources
» iPads in Schools
» TechEd Ideas
» Graphic Novels and Manga in the Classroom
» Teaching Pearl Harbor
» Edgar Allan Poe
» Pi Day Collection
» Digital Research Tools (Excellent resource created by colleagues/instructional coaches Laura Cipriano & Andrew Halter)

An example of how a Live Binder can be embedded into a blog, wiki or web page:

So… What are you waiting for? Create your very own Live Binder today!

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Be sure to add this awesome tool to your tech-box!

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