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Thinglink: Another Cool Feature!


Just when you thought Thinglink couldn’t get any better! Well, think again! The developers of this “cool tool” are back—this time with an awesome new feature: nubbins! Yep, not only can users create multimedia images with “hotspots”, but Thinglink now offers colored pins allowing users to differentiate information presented—a concept making this web app a must-have for every teacher toolbox!

So, why all the fuss? Check it out for yourself and see how having colored nubbins can add even more “wow” to your Thinglink project. Don’t forget to hover over the image to view the hotspots!

A special thanks to Susan Oxnevad for showcasing this valuable addition to Thinglink! I used her example as inspiration to create a new interactive graphic—one that will be utilized in an upcoming PD session at Techapalooza 2012.

Classroom Connection:

As I mentioned in my initial Thinglink post, since visual literacy is such a crucial component of teaching and learning at all grade levels, Thinglink would be the perfect tool to integrate into any classroom! As for the possibilities this multimedia resource provides? Your imagination is the limit!

Check out a variety of suggestions listed on my Educate with Thinglink post and/or review “Interesting Ways to Use Thinglink in the Classroom”—an excellent resource packed full of ideas. A shout out to Donna Baumbach/Aunty Tech for creating and sharing this presentation—and especially for adding my “Cool Tools” image to the collection! Awesome!

Plus, students as well as blog fans enjoy discovering new content, so why not use Thinglink images as a means to explore info related to a particular topic or concept. It’s a great way to keep ’em coming back for more!

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“Thinglink: Another Cool Feature!”

  1. March 27th, 2014 at 6:44 pm       Adrian Larkin Says:

    Love the ThingLink. You can also tag your thingLinks with AudioBoos… check it out

    And please follow us…


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