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According to a series of recent studies, cell phone ownership and usage among teens (ages 12-17) is on the rise. In fact, Lenhart (2012) found that 77% of teens have a cell phone and with each passing day that number increases. The PEW Research Center also found that text messaging is the primary means of communication for most teens (March 2012).

So, what does this have to do with teachers and their classrooms? Well, knowing students text message and email so often, why not take advantage of this latest teen craze and use an application that can send a variety of reminders to them?

Meet Remind101, a free web tool that provides teachers with a safe and private way to text message students and parents with school-related info. Yes, you read that correctly—text your students/parents!

Why in the world would you want to do this, you ask? Well, why not is the real question—especially considering Remind101 is free, simple to use and most importantly, it is 100% confidential! In fact, personal cell phone numbers of teachers, students and/or parents are never exchanged—really! The only info anyone will ever view is the user’s name.

Here’s how Remind101 works: After creating an account, the teacher receives a custom code that can be shared with students and/or parents. This code is then used by interested parties to join the group. Subscribers can sign-up to receive messages via text or email. Once all of this is established, the 21st Century communication can begin!

Check out a brief overview of Remind101 below…

Other cool Remind101 features include “Schedule for Later” (create messages for upcoming events) and “History” (records when all messages are sent and to whom) options.

What’s more—a Remind101 app is available for the iPhone and iPad—and the Android counterpart is scheduled to be released at the end of the month!

Need more of a reason to utilize Remind101? Then be sure to check out the Remind101 Teacher Testimonal page to read about how this “cool tool” has had a positive impact in the classroom.

Classroom Connection:

It’s pretty obvious how Remind101 can utilized in the classroom, but for the record—here are some additional suggestions:

» Assignment and/or project due dates

» Quiz, test and/or homework reminders

» Schedule changes

» Keeping parents informed

» Field trip updates

» Study tips

» Extra help or extra credit opportunities

» Sports/clubs info

» Motivation

» Fun facts—Keep kids learning after hours!

OK, so Remind101 may not resolve all of your classroom/communication dilemmas, but this program is definitely worth a try! If nothing else, your students will think you’re “that cool teacher”—ha, ha!

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