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Guest Post: Innovations in the Cloud for Teachers


The cloud is actually a servers located in a place other than your own that you can store information on and/or access software or other tools and then use it from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connect. The use of the cloud is changing the face of education all over the world.

Advantages of Cloud computing for education

One of the advantages of cloud computing for teachers is that it lets them teach in a virtual environment which means more students can participate and therefore benefit. As long as the pupils have student laptops to access the classroom, then they can access the lessons via the Internet.

Even if a classroom is not virtual, teachers and their students can benefit if they subscribe to the cloud environment and hold access to various lesson plans, software and other tools for learning. This way schools can save money because they don’t have to use their funding to purchase things like software or books because these things are stored in the cloud and can be accessed by their students or teachers as needed.

Classes in the Cloud are much more flexible

It is much more flexible type of teaching since students can access it from anywhere at home or on the go just by signing in on an Internet capable device and the teacher just has to broadcast from a webcam or a previously recorded file that is uploaded to the cloud environment.

This process makes learning a more streamlined experience for both educators and students and saves time and money in the form of materials, resources, and files since there is no need to buy papers, pens, pencils, books, or even to provide a traditional classroom full of desks and a chalkboard.

Students can learn from home. This is very valuable to students that either live in remote areas where there are no schools or for those homebound due to an illness or accident or some other sort of disability or other problem.

Education in the Cloud is increasing rapidly

Ever since cloud computing got started a couple years ago, there has been a lot more schools and universities using cloud based solution for their IT needs. They use things like email, calendars, collaboration services, video conferencing and more. It’s very simple for them to set up these services by signing up with a cloud service like SchoolFront, K12 Kit or some other provider. Everyone can then access real time data from any spot in the world in seconds as long as they have the proper connection to the Internet. Many charter schools are even loaning out or giving students their own laptops like the Lenovo z500 to access the school lessons as part of their student laptop programs.

The cloud allows teachers and students to experience locations and people they would most likely never have been able to experience in person. If a family is in the military or otherwise travels a lot, they can have access to an educational experience that is consistent and isn’t broken up just because their parent receive new deployment orders. The Internet has made it possible for students and teachers to take education to a new level and use cloud computer services to ensure that everyone has access to a quality educational experience no matter where they live.

The main point is that cloud computing has changed the face of education forever and will continue to mature and grow and bring new innovative ways to learn and to teach the students of tomorrow.

This guest post was written by Leslie Krick. Leslie is a blogger for TechBreach, a popular site that provides industry news, commentary, and reviews on popular mobile devices and electronics.

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