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Shuttercal: Documenting Your Classroom One Photo at a Time


A few weeks ago I shared information about the #edugood 365 Photo Project I decided to join—one that encourages educators and/or students to focus on the positive aspects of teaching and learning by documenting a daily image of events that occur in one’s district, school and/or classroom. Doing so creates a visual timeline of  significant activities that take place throughout a designated time period—marking period, semester, or year. Of course, that’s your choice—and challenge!

And the result of creating a calendar? As it fills up with important moments with your students, you are rewarded with a visual record of your days! How cool is that?

In this post I also mentioned that although there are several calendar-based web resources available to create a photographic journal, I chose to use ShutterCal. Not only is this “cool tool” simple to use, but I also like its graphic display as well as the capability to embed the calendar into a blog, wiki and/or web site. Users of ShutterCal are required to create an account; however, the good news is that the tool is free.

Check out my very first ShutterCal creation shown below! Then be sure to click on the displayed photo to access the entire calendar which includes images of my life as an instructional technology coach and teacher.

See a photo a day on jf20's ShutterCal

BTW—ShutterCal offers users three ways of sharing calendars: Via a link, embed a specific date or embed the most recent picture, which is updated automatically. I selected the latter option for this post.

And of course, there’s an iOS app for that! In fact, it’s the perfect mobile companion to your account—especially because the sole purpose of the tool is to enable you to effortlessly upload images to your calendar in seconds. And that’s no joke—it’s really that fast! If you are new to ShutterCal, this app will allow you to create and manage as many calendar accounts as you would like. If you are already a member of ShutterCal, you can plug into your existing calendar(s) immediately.

And one more thing… ShutterCal also has a printing service available. That’s right—get your photos printed and delivered monthly. They even offer what they have dubbed a “shoebox” which essentially is a custom box with 12 slots where photos from each month can be stored. Simply use the online print manager to select the desired style of print and then have the photos shipped directly to you.

Classroom Connection:

Within minutes of showing the ShutterCal site/app to my Tech Club students, the majority of them whipped out their mobile devices to download the app so they could begin creating their own #edugood 365 Photo Project. We also created a group calendar to highlight some of the activities we complete during our scheduled time together. Yeah, it’s pretty comical listening and watching them figure out how to generate their daily photo. What’s even more amusing is listening to these students determining an appropriate caption. But all kidding aside, these students are not only learning to express themselves through the use of visuals, but they are honing their creativity and photography skills as well.

Click here to learn more about the #edugood 365 Photo Project as well as the value of integrating an activity of this nature into your classroom.

So, prove that time flies when you’re having fun by creating a ShutterCal and filling it with your favorite images of each day. You’ll be glad you did!

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