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Add some swag to your iOS devices with the new Thinglink app!


thinglink app iconThe moment Thinglink fans like me have been waiting for… The unveiling of the brand-new Thinglink app!

Yep! One of my favorite edtech tools has finally gone mobile! That’s right! The Thinglink nation now has the ability to create cool interactive images on the go! What could be better?

Here’s how it works: Choose a picture from your camera roll or capture a new image of your travels, family, pets, etc. then add text, video and Twitter tags to make your favorite moments come alive. But you’re not done yet!  Share your interactive photo greeting across social media networks and/or email.

And that’s just for starters… In addition to the pure coolness of now having the ability to create awesome interactive content on the go, I like the fact that mobile creations can be saved to an existing Thinglink account making it possible to embed images to blogs, wikis, web pages, etc.

Check out the example I created with an iPad using a few of my Tech Club student projects.

So, what are you waiting for… Add some swag to your iPad, iPod and/or iPhone by downloading this awesome—and free—app like right now!

Be sure to stay tuned for updates including the capability of embedding additional content to images, such as geolocation details and Facebook friends…

Classroom Connection:

OK, so I’ve already mentioned the possibilities that exist in the classroom via a resource like Thinglink. You can read all about my tech crush by visiting my Educate with Thinglink post containing a variety of integration strategies. You can even dial up a ton of additional ideas located within the following resources: Interesting Ways to Use Thinglink in the Classroom created by Donna Baumbach (Aunty Tech) and the Thinglink Toolkit developed by Susan Oxnevad.

Obviously, I think Thinklink is one cool tool, but the mobile app opens up a whole new dimension when it comes to adding meaning to images. Think of the ways students can now use pictures and videos they’ve created while using a variety of apps on their iOS devices to develop a multimedia masterpiece! Students not only love being engaged, but they are equally excited when given the opportunity to develop and share a mash-up containing their very own digital media. Now there’s an authentic project in the making!

As a teacher, I love the idea that my students have a one stop shop for transforming flat images into dynamic, interactive pictures that tell a story. Yep, the Thinglink app provides a quick, easy and convenient way to do so! No downloading, no USB cords, no flash drives required… Just access to a mobile device and students will be authoring some pretty fabulous content in no time—especially in 1:1 iPad and/or BYOD schools where students can just go crazy!

Oh, and did I mention the fun students could have documenting a field trip via the Thinglink app? Yeah, the wheels are already turning…

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“Add some swag to your iOS devices with the new Thinglink app!”

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