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Easily Combine PDF Files Into One with PDF Mergy


Adobe-PDF-Document-iconEver need to combine more than one PDF document into a single file? Then here to do just that is PDF Mergy, a user-friendly Google Chrome web app that is totally free.

Yep–simply select files from your computer or Google Drive or drag and drop them into the interface, place then in the correct order, click the “Merge” button and PDF Mergy does the rest!

Once the docs are combined, users have the option to download the new PDF to their computer or transfer it directly to their Google Drive account.

PDF Mergy does not require any installation or registration; however, in order to use the Google Drive feature, one must sign-in to his/her account.

Note: The PDF Mergy app does not currently contain any encryption; therefore, it should not be utilized with confidential files.

PDF Mergy is also compatible with the most recent version of Safari Firefox

Classroom Connection:

OK, let’s face it—PDFs are everywhere. And that’s because in addition to having the capability of locking and/or watermarking them, they can be viewed on any operating system or device. So, whenever you need to assemble a few of your favorites to share with colleagues and/or students—or maybe you need to compile several student files—be sure to surf on over to PDF Mergy and let this cool tool work its magic!

Since PDF Mergy does all of its work on an external server and not the user’s computer, this is an excellent app for integration with Google Docs and/or Chromebooks.

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“Easily Combine PDF Files Into One with PDF Mergy”

  1. November 21st, 2013 at 2:57 am       MinnieMe Says:

    It’s a great tool to merge PDFs. I also found a nice tool on wikihow recently that also gives you preview of the files and let’s you remove or change the order of the PDF pages. Have a look at (besides also you find a nice app to compress PDF files)

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