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Flip the Classroom with Slackmath


slackmathWhat do algebra and QR codes have in common? The answer is Slackmath. Developed by math teacher Geoffrey Slack, this nifty site contains dozens of PDFs of algebra problems next to corresponding QR codes.

So how does Slackmath work? Select a topic such as Order of Operations from one of 13 skill categories (i.e. Functions, Equations and Expressions) and access the PDF provided. Once the sample problems on the document are complete, the learner can check responses by scanning the QR code—which will not only reveal the correct answers but better yet, a video explanation of how to actually solve the math problems can be viewed as well.

But what if I don’t have access to a QR code reader? No problem! Just open the PDF on any device, then click on the QR code to access the instructional video.

Want to see Slackmath in action? Then check out a sample video below.

Classroom Connection:

Slackmath exploits the use of QR codes to teach and learn math in a meaningful and engaging way. It’s a pretty simple yet very powerful site—one that incorporates math, multimedia and mobile technology. Besides that, Slackmath is perfect for learners to practice a variety of math problems and then obtain immediate feedback. And of course, if you’re looking for ways to flip your classroom, add Slackmath to your list of resources!

FYI: Since writing this post earlier in the week, Slackmath has upped its game to include geometry and precalculus content—all of which was created based on feedback from subscribers. That said, if you have a particular request, be sure to complete the contact form located on the Connect tab.

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“Flip the Classroom with Slackmath”

  1. March 24th, 2014 at 11:55 am       slackmath Says:

    Thank you for the great article! A quick point of clarification: although the QR code takes you to answers, but not PDF versions. The QR codes are for video solutions only.

    A user was unclear and referenced your article.

    I love the feedback — and thank you for sharing!

    Also, great blog. I just tweeted your article on moocs

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