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Generate Customized Social Media Icons with Fontmeme


CaptureThere are all kinds of really neat sites on the web where font addicts (like me) can fulfill their next typeface fix. One of these places is Fontmeme, a resource in which users can generate text images utilizing fonts of different styles including those found in logos, movie posters, TV shows, album covers and much more.

Of all of the really cool feature within Fontmeme, the one that most interested me is the social media icon maker. Why? Because even though these symbols are displayed all over the Internet to promote such things as Facebook fan pages, Twitter profiles and RSS feeds to name a few, it is sometimes difficult to find the ideal icon with the right size and/or color for a blog, website or app.

Well, that is until now! Fontmeme provides users with a tool to generate customized icons representing the most popular social networking sites on the net with the exact size and color needed to rock out your web space.

Begin by choosing the desired icon(s) from the handy character reference chart provided. For example, the letter F signifies the icon for Facebook while the letter w represents WordPress. Once your text is determined, enter it into the tool, select the size and color then hit the “Generate” button. The image that is created can be downloaded for later use in both digital and print projects and/or an embed code can be snagged for use on the web.

Is it as simple as it sounds? You bet! And it’s pretty cool too! Check out a few examples I created!

This one represents my online presence.


This one—representing my first name—was just for fun!


Classroom Connection:

If you’re an educator with a classroom and/or professional blog, wiki or web site that wants to connect readers to your social media networks, then the Fontmeme icon generator is the perfect tool for you! This resource can be utilized by students in the same manner.

In addition, since fonts play such a huge role in creating classroom materials, the Fontmeme site can also be used to add just the right touch to these documents and presentations.

Another activity that came to mind is one that involves writing an essay or poem on the topic of social media—advantages vs. disadvantages, whether or not these networks should be utilized in the classroom, etc. In this case, the Fontmeme icon generator can be used create a graphic that adds some eye candy to one of these assignments.

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