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Create an Almost Famous Chat with the SMS Generator


classtools logoYeah, we all know how much students like to text, right? So, why not take advantage of the SMS Generator, a nifty online generator that mimics the real thing. This cool tool—part of the suite of educational resources available on the web site—is super simple to use as well as a visually engaging way to allow students to demonstrate knowledge in a way that is super familiar to them. Plus, there’s nothing quite like using a gimmick to grab our students’ interest and attention, right?

Working with the SMS Generator goes something like this: After accessing the web site, use the toolbar shown below to create your masterpiece.


Click one of the gray or green text messaging icons to begin formulating a conversation. Then continue to click on one of them to add dialogue to the chat. Once the mock exchange is complete, users can do the following with the remaining items on the toolbar:

The blue save button does just that—allows users to save the project in order to access and/or edit the message at a later time.

The blue gear icon provides users with multiple options including a URL Link, Embed Code, QR Code and/or the ability to Download a Web Shortcut. From here, users can add the image of the text messaging convo to a project, web site, wiki, blog or favorite social media outlet. Is that way cool or what?

Oh, and did I mention that this resource is a freebie and requires no registration? As an educator, that’s what I’m talking about!

Check out an SMS Generator example shown below—one between characters in a popular novel.  Can you guess which one?

sms_hunger games

Here’s another sample—one between two historical figures.


And finally, encourage students to add some wit, humor or sarcasm to a conversation between concepts being discussed in a particular content area—science, math, computers, etc.


Classroom Connection:

The SMS Generator can be utilized in a variety of ways in any subject area to allow students to practice reading and writing dialogue. Here are some additional ideas to help get you started:

» Conversations between two famous people, book characters, animals, friends discussing a movie or event, etc.

» Formative assessments for independent reading

» Displaying vocabulary and definitions in a fun way

» Writing prompts

» Poetry activities

In addition to these literacy activities, the SMS Generator could be used to teach students proper texting etiquette and digital citizenship.

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