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quotescoverIf you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you have probably noticed that I often share tools and resources that can help teachers spark student interest in writing. And that’s because I am a huge proponent of teaching visual literacy skills. Considering the mass media society we are immersed in, I feel it’s imperative that students have the ability to interpret, negotiate and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image, which extends the meaning of literacy beyond printed text.

Combine that notion with the super popular quote images that are now splashed all over the place—social media, the Internet, billboards, etc.—and what do you have? The opportunity to develop the perfect activity to integrate pop culture with the skills students need to communicate in a highly complex world. Yep, I’m talking about the creation of a project that combines images, text, writing and even classroom discussions or debates. And the tool to get the job done? None other than

It’s no secret that one way to make pictures more memorable is by making them pop off the page. But designing elements such as typography, shapes, color combinations and composition can be a complex process. Well, that is until now… has now become one of my favorite go-to web tools for taking one of my very own photos, adding text and then generating a graphic to represent exactly what I am thinking or feeling. Not only does it transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, this nifty application is pretty simple to use.

Check out one of my most favorite designs I created with

a good song quote1

Want to make your own “eye candy”? Then check out and start your design by following three easy steps:

Select your text by either adding your own or choose a famous quote, proverb or greeting from the online collection. Next, use the graphic editor to determine the type and size of image you would like to create. Finally, experiment, tweak and play with the font and color combinations, drawing tools, effects and customizable background image to create your masterpiece.

Once you’re satisfied with the result, just download it for future use—on blogs, the web or social media sites and/or utilize it in print projects such as newsletters or brochures.

Classroom Connection:

The use of quotes combined with images used to motivate and inspire students is not a new concept. As a classroom teacher, I personally incorporated both on a regular basis and can honestly say that this strategy was one of my most favorite ways to kickstart class, regardless of the content area.

That said, is a fabulous tool for teachers who are looking for a quick and easy yet powerful way to create their own quote images and/or who want their students to do the same.

As previously mentioned, we live in a world in which our students are constantly bombarded with images; thus, it is essential for them to have the skills to recognize, interpret and understand the context of these signs, pictures, graphics and symbols in order to make meaning of their environment.

So, if you’re going to use this particular visual literacy teaching strategy to generate writing and/or thought-provoking discussions, why not add a layer of technology to the process by having students create their own quote images with a tool like

Finished products can be utilized for writing prompts, classroom conversations or both. For example, students can jot a thought and/or discuss in a small or whole group setting what the quotes actually means to them.

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