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10 Reasons for Students to Blog Infographic


blogging toolsSo, you want to increase motivation for reading and writing, improve confidence levels and/or encourage ICT literacy? Well, regardless of the rationale, blogging is a very powerful learning tool that can assist teachers with these goals.

Still not convinced that blogging is a meaningful activity? Then check out the nifty sketch note shown below, one that illustrates ten additional reasons you should get your blog on with your students.

10 reasons for students to blog

A high five to Sylvia Duckworth for creating and sharing this very useful infographic. Click here to view a full screen version of this sketch note.

Classroom Connection:

Not that you asked for it, but here’s my personal opinion regarding the value of blogging in the classroom…

The educational benefits associated with providing students with the opportunity to blog are countless. This activity is an innovative way for students to express themselves with an authentic audience. From brainstorming to organizing to writing, revising, and peer review, blogs are natural tools that lend themselves to the writing process in any content area. Because blogs can have viewers in addition to the teacher, students are engaged in sharing, communicating and exchanging ideas on a larger scale and see a permanency to their words that an essay or research paper can never equal.

Blogging in education provides a communication space that teachers and students can utilize to develop a concept, share ideas and/or reflect on current and past assignments. Not only do these networks promote reading, writing, and critical thinking, blogs create a viable classroom outside of the traditional learning environment, giving the students and the teacher more flexibility in the learning process.

Blogging is incredibly easy to do. It takes very little time, it’s free, and it’s a great way to open your classroom to a world of ideas!

That said, if you haven’t experimented with integrating one of the many blogging tools—like Edublogs—into your lessons, you should really give the idea some serious consideration. Not feeling that adventurous? Then start small with a few students that live in your classroom. Trust me—it’s a win-win situation for both the student(s) and teacher!

Check out my most favorite student blog written by one of those kids that reinforces why you chose this profession—Simply Aubree. Her space was voted the Best Student Blog of 2014!

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