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16 Edtech Tryouts for 2016


We’re teachers… So, by nature we’re the type to set the goal of being the absolute best we can be for our students. Part of the equation in striving to provide the best education possible involves acquiring and/or honing the digital skills necessary to transform teaching and learning in our classrooms. That said, hopefully you have […]

What’s Your Digital Age?


My theory is that age is just a number, so quite frankly I don’t really fret too much about it. But when I happened across this nifty graphic on Twitter the other day, I was definitely interested in knowing if I act my digital age. And now I bet you are probably wondering the same! […]

New Look, Same Edtech Stuff


Hey, Edutech for Teachers fans! This chick just got a facelift. Yep, check out my new identity—the official Geeky Girl logo that I’ll now be using in conjunction with print and digital projects as well as social media. A ton of props go out to my friend and beyond talented graphic artist, Tom Worthington II, […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest web tools and resources that can be utilized to engage students in your classroom! » EyeWitness to History Profiles of historical characters and events from ancient times to today, told with the images and […]

The Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags Infographic


#edtech, #edchat and #techcoach top the list of my most favorite Twitter hashtags. But these trending topics are not the only social media hotspots in which educators with common interests can share ideas, best practices and resources to level up the teaching and learning in their classrooms. If you really want to be in the […]

Diigo Weekly Update


What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below for some of the latest and greatest tools that can be utilized in your classroom throughout the new school year. » Poetica A browser-based text editor that allows users to provide and receive feedback with whomever they choose, in real-time. Users […]

The Twitter Feeds Your Brain Infographic


Yep, it’s another post about the value of Twitter. Yes—Twitter. If you haven’t yet adopted this social media platform as one of your go-to places for professional development, you really don’t know what you’re missing! And it’s not just the latest celebrity drama! Seriously, despite the 140 character minimum, tweets—articles, thoughts, opinions, inspiration, quotes, images […]

Generate Customized Social Media Icons with Fontmeme


There are all kinds of really neat sites on the web where font addicts (like me) can fulfill their next typeface fix. One of these places is Fontmeme, a resource in which users can generate text images utilizing fonts of different styles including those found in logos, movie posters, TV shows, album covers and much […]

Summer Smackdown: Tech the Next Step!


So, it’s that coveted time of year again in the life of a teacher—summer vacation! Time to chill and participate in some much needed and well-deserved recreational activities to recharge those batteries. In addition to sinking those feet into the sand while sipping on fruity umbrella beverages, hanging out at a campfire with friends or […]

Should You Post A Selfie? Infographic


OK, so who can’t identify with the modern social media craze known as the selfie? Yep, taking self-indulgent pictures has become so popular that the term selfie was even officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary last year.  These types of photos seem harmless enough, right? After all, what’s wrong with sharing a little love […]

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